The Essential Ramen Restaurants in Las Vegas

Want great ramen in Las Vegas? All you need to do is head to Chinatown. Or not. In the past few years, the ramen scene in Las Vegas has elevated with some of the best bowls anywhere. Whether the desire is classic tonkotsu-style broth, miso broths, or even cold ramens, Las Vegas has a place for you; many even offer vegetarian options. Here, a look at 21 of the best restaurants to order ramen in Las Vegas, all over the city from the southwest and westside, Chinatown, East Side, and even the southeast.

19. Shokku Ramen

3889 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(725) 204-1252
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Shokku is famous for two things: its 24-hour schedule, and its Shinigami Challenge, which entails eating a triple serving of their Shinigami ramen in under eight minutes: three pounds of noodles, 24 ounces of broth, and the bowls signature scalding hot toppings. Winners are added to the wall of champions and receive a $25 gift card. Or you could, you know, just enjoy your ramen.

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