The Coolest Places To Eat and Drink According to TikTok

Let TikTok decide your next meal or drink.

START YOUR DAY WITH A TIKTOK-FAMOUS SUNDAY BRUNCH. Houston has a long and delicious list of brunch spots that are gaining fame on TikTok. The viral app has been responsible for challenges tried and shared by thousands. Retail products have flown off the shelves and sold out for months at a time after positive TikTok reviews. Some might say TikTok is the place to go if you’re looking for the latest trend. If TikTok says it’s good, why not try it? 

Here’s the coolest places to eat and drink in Houston, according to TikTok: 

Shokku Ramen

Shokku Ramen isn’t a real bar, but it is a ramen bar. All the way from Las Vegas, Shokku has walls covered in Japanese anime scenes, offers 24 hour broths, and has an entire menu made from scratch. Some highlights of the menu, according to TikTok, are the Surf and Turf Bowl (soft shell crab tempura and New York strip steak), the Shinigami Bowl (spicy black garlic oil with their famous shinigami spice), Kore-age, kimchi fried rice, and  shrimp pops, which come on a hand-painted anime platter (but be careful, the sauce has a heat warning).

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