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Shokku Ramen is the ONLY 24/7 and one of the Top Rated Ramen Restaurants in Las Vegas, and now open in Houston Heights, Texas! Experience the flavors and shocking spice of our authentic ramen bowls – with a twist!

Nestled in the heart of Chinatown, less than a 10-minute drive from the Las Vegas strip, Shokku Ramen is rapidly being hailed as one of the hottest ramen spots for tourists and locals in Las Vegas, and is now one of the best ramen spots in Houston too! Shokku Ramen showcases an innovative Japanese menu concept, coupled with rejuvenated unique spicy options, and carefully curated signature ramen creations.

With walls plastered in Japanese manga scenes, we offer electrifying, nontraditional ramen creations and scratch-made 24-hour broths, 36-hour marinated meats, traditional and original toppings, as well as various different types of spice, harmoniously amplifying each flavor profile. From mild to excruciating, our ramen offerings are unquestionably bringing some heat to the widely traditional American ramen scene.

If spice isn’t your thing, no need to worry, we offer standard traditional flavors such as Tonkotsu (pork broth),  creamy Tori chicken broth, flavorful Niku, and even vegan options. We also offer small bites such as our signature shrimp pops, traditional fried chicken kara-agé, and salted edamame. If one would be so inclined, the Shokku tacos are a must try, as are our decadent wok-fried rice bowls.

If you’re a fanatic for heat and looking for a challenge, look no further. “The Shinigami Challenge” is a massive bowl of our spiciest ramen with exaggerated portions, topped with our infernal Shinigami spice, and measuring in at over 4 million Scoville units of heat! Any challenger brave enough to attempt a basin with 24 ounces of the spiciest ramen broth in Las Vegas, a quarter pound of pork chashu, two soy-cured eggs, and a mountain of other toppings has 8 minutes to finish the challenge in order to receive their meal for free and get their name and picture on the champions’ Wall of Warriors forever!

Shokku Ramen Best of Las Vegas Gold Winner 2022
Get a Free Bowl on Your Birthday at Shokku Ramen
Shrimp Pop Platter Gogeta Super Saiyan 4

"Great place with their own take on spicy ramen!"

-Vy T., Yelp

Flavor + Spice

  • Shinigami (Grim Reaper)

    Black garlic & Thai chili. Delicious, atomic fire.

  • Oni (Red)

    Assorted chilis & Sriracha. Classic, savory heat.

  • Kappah (Green)

    Yuzu kosho, wasabi & serrano. Citrusy pepper kick.

Our Reviews

Christopher S.
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This place is so good!!!! Great customer service, communication and food! Reminds me of Japan with a small twist of American.They had a small issue and they kept on communicating to let us know what was going on. Was greatly appreciated.Had the surf and turf, taco Tuesday and drowning gyoza. I can not find the words to describe how immensely great this was! I will definitely come back here again when I'm in Vegas! Honestly wouldn't mind having one of these in the seattle area.Highly recommended.Staff followed covid protocols and social distancing. Bathrooms were clean!Again the food was on point!!!! I need more of this place in my life!
Julliette S.
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Simply loved this spot!!! I wasn't really a ramen fan until I tried it here. Seriously the broth was delicious. Everything about it was just fantastic. My husband and I were quiet the whole time just enjoying the soup haha We ordered the edamame & drowning gyoza for appetizers. Both also 5/5. Can't believe I had to come to Vegas to find the most perfect ramen, but we definitely will be back. & even the waitress was very nice and attentive.
Patrick Dhenny A.
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Praise the Lord there's a restaurant in Vegas that's open past midnight and dine-in! After walking aimlessly around Vegas trying to find a place that's open cuz we thought the restaurant we had a free gift card for would be open by the time we got there like it said it would on Yelp AND Google, we were able to find this lovely gem.My friends and I ordered the Garden Vegan Ramen, and it was delishThe matcha cheesecake, the matcha mochi ice cream, and the mango mochi ice cream were also delish and was a perfect remedy for my burning mouth as a result of the spicy ramen I ordered.Thanks to Raquel, the waitress who took care of us as well. God Bless


OPEN 24/7

(725) 204-1252

3889 Spring Mountain Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89102

OPEN 24/7

(832) 831-7155

Houston Heights
933 Studewood St. Suite A
Houston, TX 77008

Can you defeat the Challenge?

Can you defeat the Shinigami challenge measuring at 4 million scovilles units of heat??