Best Snacks in Las Vegas: The Most Slurp-Worthy Noodle Houses

Las Vegas has oodles of noodles.

Las Vegas has an abundance of noodle places, whether you are longing for a bowl of ramen or craving a plate of Pad Thai noodles. Noodles pulled for miles, broth boiled for days, creative chefs and rich culinary traditions all contribute to Las Vegas having some of the best noodles outside of Asia.

Noodles are the ultimate comfort food. There is nothing better than a hot bowl of ramen after a long night out or a plate of slurp-worthy noodles when you are starving. The options are endless. 

Shokku Ramen

Shokku Ramen is one of the most popular ramen houses in Chinatown, and it is open 24/7! The restaurant is best known for its Shinigami Challenge. Challengers attempt to finish 24 ounces of ramen packed with the Shinigami spice measuring in at over four million Scoville units of heat. If they finish within eight minutes, the bowl is free of charge, and they get bragging rights by having their name and photo up on Shokku Ramen’s Wall of Warriors. Some like it hot, and some do not! Try the customer favorites like the “Shinigami,” “Da Oxtail” or “Surf & Turf” if you prefer a more subdued ramen experience. 

Noodles at Shokku Ramen (©AmirHangry/Instagram)

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