The shinigami Challenge

Earn Your Spot on Our
Wall of Warriors

Can you handle The Shinigami Challenge? Here’s the rules to participate:

Any challenger attempting to defeat The Shinigami Challenge:

*Must be 18 years or older and sign Shokku Ramen’s release of liability waiver.
*Must declare all food allergies (if any) to management before beginning the challenge.
*Will receive three portions of Shinigami Ramen.
*Will have 8 minutes to complete the entire bowl, including all of the broth and toppings in one sitting. The bowl must be empty of all contents before time has elapsed to be declared victorious.
*If the challenger gets up to the use the restroom or steps outside, the challenger will be disqualified.

If the challenger fails, they must pay for the order.

If the challenger emerges victoriously, the winner will receive the meal free of charge along with a Shokku Ramen gift card worth $25. Also, their picture will be posted in The Wall of Warriors and featured on our social media pages.

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