Where to Eat Piping Hot Bowls of Ramen in Nashville

Over the past decade, ramen has quickly gained in popularity in the U.S., particularly in larger cities. In the South, the idea that not all ramen is the instant kind has been unfortunately much slower to take hold, but in the last two years, the prevalence of the Japanese noodle soup dish has seen a modest push into Nashville. While the city still has only one true ramen-focused restaurant, a handful of places do have it on the menu, providing some options when seeking a piping hot bowl of broth and noodles for slurping.

In this update, we welcome Black Dynasty Secret Ramen House and their new home at Sylvan Supply, global mega-chain Chatime, and also say hello to Shokku Ramen, a Vegas-based crowd favorite that settled into Hillsboro Village earlier this year. Newest on the list is Lauter — the restaurant and Southern Grist’s new taproom on the Eastside.

2. Shokku Ramen

2127 Belcourt Ave
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 913-3922
Visit Website

The Las Vegas-born ramen spot expanded to Music City last year — and it’s the first Asian-owned ramen-specific spot in town. The Japanese anime-themed ramen shop is known for serving up both traditional and newly innovated styles and varieties of made-from-scratch broths and house-made spice blends, fried rice, beer, and sake at their 24-hour operation in the heart of Las Vegas’s Chinatown.

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